We love beef!

And we love to share our tastiest beef with you.

Straight from the American heartland, where you can still feel the ‘Wild-West’ olden days and enjoy the American BBQ culture at its best, comes our USA Beef.

Devoted family rangers carefully nourish their Black Angus cattle. Black Angus is one of the tastiest beef breeds in the world. A feeding pattern with grain results in a fine marbling, improving the flavour even more.

This is our foundation. Join in and taste our USA Beef!

Extensive fat marbling

with tender texture and unique flavour

Discover USA Beef

The United States is the world’s largest producer of beef, primarily high-quality, grain-fed beef. The enormously dedicated ranchers lay the foundation for the high quality by properly caring for their livestock.


Beef produced in the USA is subject to one of the most rigorous inspection and food safety systems in the world.

Product range

USA Beef not only offers you the standard cuts, but also various parts of the forequarter.