Raised in the American Heartland

For grain fed beef of a consistently high quality from the USA, we work with Family’s Beef. Their natural cattle come from different family ranches around the country, though maily from Oklahoma and Texas. Each of these ranches has a long family history in animal husbandry. The beliefs and practices of animal care are passed down, generation after generation. These ranchers dedicate their lives to the care and wellbeing of the animals that they breed and raise. This is their livelihood.

Grain fed, 100% Black Angus Beef

The breed largely controls the taste. Black Angus is one of the tastiest beef breeds in the world! In addition, activity and nutrition play an important role. All beef cattle of Family’s Beef spend the majority of their lives on a pasture, eating grass. Only in the final stage the cattle spent time, at least 200 days, in a feedyard, which provides the cattle room to roam and grow, acces to clean water, a balanced diet and veterinary care. The carefully composed feeding pattern mainly consists of grain and corn. A corn fed diet results into a mild flavour and benefits the fine marbling of the meat even more.

From ranch to plate


Raised from the American heartland. Selected family ranches such as: Montgomery Ranch | Pete Bonds Ranch | Tucker Ranch | 96 Ranch | Taylor Ranch | Schaller | D. McClairm | PHD Ranches | J. McClairm

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The cattle is exclusively fed by Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard Gage, Oklahoma USA. This famous feedyard is well known for their expertise and many awards it has won since its foundation. The feedyard is run by the Moore family.

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After the feedyard, the cattle are accommodated at Frontier Meats in Fort Worth, Texas. Frontier Meats was founded in 1976 and has build up a strong relationship with Family’s Beef.

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Exceptional taste
and juicyness


Beef grading sets the standards for the various quality levels of beef. The USA has a special rating system (USDA) in which features like marbling, tenderness and flavour of meat are determined. Other grading factors include animal age, and color and texture of the

Beef quality grading is voluntary and administered by the USDA and paid for by beef packers. The grading is mentioned on the packaging of the meat cuts.

There are three quality grades:
– Prime grade
– Choice grade
– Select grade


Beef produced in the United States is subject to one of the most rigorous inspection and food safety systems in the world. Food safety management systems in the United States are science-based and are implemented to minimize food safety risks. The national food safety system involves several agencies of the Federal government, packing companies and producers; all working in concert to ensure that U.S. beef is safe and wholesome.

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